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iSearch FAQ

Q:  What is iSearch?
A:  iSearch is a revolutionary new way to search for arcade games!  iNet Gamer is the 1st arcade to feature this technology.

Q:  How do I use iSearch?
A:  iSearch is easy to learn!  In each selection box, make a choice to customize your search to find games to play.

Q:  Can I select more than one category?
A:  Absolutely!  Just hold down the CTRL key when clicking each category.  Make sure you deselct All, otherwise all categories will be included in the search.

Q:  Can I select more than one Sort Type or # of Games?
A:  You can only select one Sort Type or one # of Games selection.

Q:  What are some common searches I can try first?
A:  Try All categories, Random sort type, and Select 5 games to get 5 random games to play!  Or try selecting your favorite category, Most Popular sort type, and Select 15 games to get the 15 most popular games in your favorite category!

Q:  Can I bookmark my iSearch?
A1:  For custom searches, you must use the selection boxes while on the iSearch webpage.
A2:  You can bookmark system searches, however.  System searches are located as page links like 50 Newest.

Q:  I found a bug when using iSearch, can I report it?
A:  Yes!  Please use the Contact Us link to inform us of the problem.

Q:  Where can I view iSearch Version information?
A:  Visit this link: iSearch Versions

Q:  I am a webmaster and would like iSearch for my arcade.  How can I obtain it?
A:  Please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to contact us for purchasing options.